JavaScript (ES2016+), Ruby, Python, HTML5 & CSS3 (including HAML, Pug/Jade, Slim, & SASS)
AWS, Heroku, private VPS (8+ years of web & game server administration)
SQL & MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, Redis
Angular, Vue, Rails, Flask, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Materialize
Other tech
Vim/Neovim, Linux (Debian), Photoshop & Illustrator, Amazon Alexa, LaTeX/XeTeX, git, Webpack, Electron
SCRUM, TDD, StackOverflow


Dude Where's My Truck is a python webapp that dynamically filters and displays food trucks in San Francisco.

It uses Google Maps API, Google Geometry API, API, Twilio, FontAwesome, Moment.js, Bootstrap, and jQuery.

DWMT was a Group project (2 person) completed in four days. I was responsible for project management and front-end development. It won first place in the August Python hackathon at Coding Dojo!

Battle your friends in multiplayer, competitive Tetris! Written for MEAN stack project week, this was an individual project.

Tetromino is built on Node, Mongo, Express, Vue, Bootstrap, websockets/, and Heroku.

Tetronimo was a hit and won first place in the September MEAN hackathon at Coding Dojo. People were still competing for the high score after weeks!

Ninja Messages is a threaded messaging board created for Rails stack project week. It features live-reloading posts and activity notifications when users interact with the site using Vue.js and ActionCable (websockets).

This was an individual project completed in 5 days and won first place in the October Rails hackathon.

I built a diceroller for Discord (a chat client) for one of my favorite tabletop RPGs, Exalted. The dice-rolling logic is written in javascript and it uses Node.js to connect to a discord server.

It listens for messages starting with .roll, parses the message for parameters, and outputs the roll along with formatting and the number of successes.

I maintain a github repository hosting my dotfiles. They are a work in progress (and probably will be so in perpetuity). Send me a message on github if you have any questions about my configs.

The source code for this very website can be found above. It was coded in HAML + SASS and exported using the open source Serve gem.

An in-progress Rails app to keep me motivated. Complete tasks and goals in order to score points. Mostly an excuse to explore and practice some more advanced Rails features I want to gain experience with. I am working on an API and then making the app responsive.


Zak Strassberg

(812) 925-5227